9″ FOCUS Portion Control Plate (Set of 2) Tempered Glass


9″ FOCUS Portion Control Plate (Set of 2) Tempered Glass


9″ FOCUS Portion Control Plate, Tempered Glass

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9″ FOCUS Portion Control Plate, Tempered Glass

Making effective dietary decisions are the best way to achieve serious weight loss goals or address any food related challenges like diabetes; this is the Nutrition Guidance Portion Control Plate for you! This elegant dietitian-designed porcelain 9″ portion control plate follows all of the best practices for eating well. By eating well, we mean enjoying the foods, & flavors you love, in the right amounts and in the right proportion. And no, we don’t mean it’s got to taste bad either. We really do mean you get to eat well.

The plate is called our Nutrition Guidance FOCUS Portion Control Plate. “FOCUS” because it has dietary guidelines printed on to the plate itself – to always remind you to stay on track.  This helps to reinforce your discipline to help you achieve your dietary objectives and goals. The printed advice is precise and based on guidelines prescribed by USDA United States Department of Agriculture, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and the American Diabetes Association and has long been accepted by professionals in the nutrition field. In addition to the printed dietary advice, the plate is visually attractive due to the alluring style of the design.  This FOCUS plate is made from tempered glass to weight less than porcelain plates of the same size. An attractive feature of tempered glass is it is translucent.  this means that light comes through it like bone china.  Hold it up to the light to see what we mean.

Presenting you with Portion Control you can be proud of!

The Nutrition Guidance FOCUS Portion Control Plates are a part of our Nutrition Learning System (NLS) tools. The NLS tools contain all the serving pieces you need to eat meals containing

  • Dry
  • Semi-wet
  • Wet foods

What’s in the box?

  • 2 FOCUS 9″ portion control plate microwavable tempered glass plates,
  • 1 dietitian-designed Quick Start Nutrition Guide 6-panels

Eating well makes it easy to eat enough of the foods & flavors you love without the constant cravings for them.  and it’s really easy to do because FOCUS helps you choose the right foods – the ones you already enjoy – in healthy quantities and in precise  proportion to each other. Now that’s “eating well”

Additional information

Weight 40 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 in


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Eat Well, Look Good, Feel Great with your Nutrition Guidance plate system.  Enjoy your constant friendly reminder of eating healthy to achieve your weight loss goals.

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