Black Store ‘n Go Lunch-bag


All Black Store ‘n Go Lunch-bag 3 Comp w Strap Daily Healthy Eating On The Go:

  • MAINTAIN MILITARY BEARING: Are you a military personnel who can’t find a lunch bag that you’re allowed to carry when you’re in uniform? Problem Solved!   
    • Our ALL black lunch bag is ideally suited for Military personnel!
    • Also works great as a lunch bag to carry to work and school , and picnics
  • MILITARY BLACK GOES WITH EVERYTHING: Especially Healthy Eating away from home. 
    • All black lunch-bag by Precise Portions complies with uniform regulations of the Department of Defense
    • Makes a strong statement about your commitment to long-term healthy-eating.
    • Easy to Store ‘n Go for healthier, more cost effective meals and snacks on the go.
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PS: Plate not included with the bag.

Breaking News: Military Personnel Want To Make Healthy Eating Less Of A Chore

  • Are you sick and tired of eating high-calorie fast food meals while at work or away from home? If so, dish the doughnuts, pizza, bagel, cake & 16 -oz full sugar soda pop
  • Bring Your Own Food for daily healthy eating on the go.  Most importantly, this daily habit will control the portions size, nutrients, and calories you consume; Stick to your healthy diet and boost your metabolism at work, at picnics, at university…anywhere!

Introducing Precise Portions’  NEW Military Appropriate All Black Stor ‘n Go Lunch-Bag. 

Finally the right bag to help you carry the right foods, and can travel with you wherever you go! Stand Tall!
What’s in the box?

  • Our 3-compartment lunch-bag is ROOMY enough to store everything you need.  Additionally the:
    1. Bottom Compartment houses your 3-sectioned portion control lunch plate with your delicious, healthy home cooked meal – Guarantees no leakage
    2. Center Compartment for protein-based Mid-Morning & Mid-Afternoon Snacks, water, fruits, etc – with inner pouch for an ice pack.
    3. Front Compartment provides space for personal items.

Discover The Perfect Lunch-Bag For A Busy Lifestyle

  • This rugged lunch bag is very easy to carry around, because it is compact, lightweight and featuring an adjustable strap.
  • The horizontal rounded base, perfectly fits our Best Selling Precise Portions Go-Healthy lidded travel plate. Best of all, its center compartment is ideal for carrying your healthy snacks. The easy to carry feature, supports daily healthy eating which is an effective way to reduce blood sugar spikes, and improve weight self-management.
  • Our rugged 3-compartment lunch-bag combo bag is backed with our exclusive hassle-free money-back guarantee!
    There’s absolutely nothing to risk!

To Eat Right & To Be Fit – BRING IT!

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Weight 21 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 4 in


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