16oz Disposable Bowls (Set of 25)


Precise Portions 100% Compostable, Fully Microwavable 16 oz Portion Control Bowls (Set of 25)

Precise Portions presents the all new 100% compostable, fully microwavable 16 oz portion control bowls.


Looking to lose weight but tired of weighing, measuring, or guessing the right amount to serve in your bowl?

Order our 100% compostable 16 oz portion control bowls, a  convenient and eco-friendly way to manage your portions! Our innovative design makes portion control easy, with ridges indicating 4 fl ounce serving sizes. This means no more overeating, no more measuring or weighing, and no more guesswork.

Our bowls are perfect for any occasion, whether it’s an outdoor party, indoor gathering, office lunch, or picnic in the park. Enjoy delicious soups, gravies, cereals, and semi-solid foods with ease, and even indulge in desserts like custard without worrying about portion sizes.

In addition to the benefits of promoting healthier eating habits and demonstrating a commitment to sustainability, our 16 oz portion control bowls can also help prevent food waste. By clearly indicating the 4 fl ounce serving size on each ridge of the bowl, diners are less likely to overfill their bowls and waste excess food. Our portion control bowls make it easy for diners to enjoy just the right amount of food without overindulging or leaving leftovers on their plate. Incorporating our bowls into your dining experience can help minimize food waste and promote a more sustainable approach to food consumption.

Not only are our portion control bowls microwave and freezer safe, they’re also oil and cut resistant, so you can confidently serve up to 16 oz of your favorite foods without any risk of buckling or breaking. Plus, since they’re 100% compostable, you can feel good about doing your part for the environment.

Using our portion control bowls not only provides you with a convenient microwave-and-serve option, it also encourages healthier eating habits among your family and guests. So why not host that outdoor party you’ve been dreaming of and let our bowls take your food game to the next level?

Order today to see the difference for yourself!

What’s in the box?

Each box is attractively packaged and contains 25, 16 oz, fully microwaveable, 100% biodegradable portion control bowls.


  1. Aids in weight control
  2. Prevents overeating – easily
  3. Each bowl has 4-oz, 8-oz and 12-oz level indicators
  4. 100% compostable
  5. Microwave safe
  6. Freezer safe
  7. Oil and cut resistant
  8. Sturdy – no buckling when full

Additional information

Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 8 in


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