The Effectiveness of Portion Control


The Effectiveness of Portion Control White Paper – Free Download

This is an informative White Paper on the Effectiveness of Portion Control. We mostly seem to know that portion control is good, but has it ever been proven? There have been a few studies done as you well know to prove the science, here in one such citation.

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We are providing this White Paper for you to share with your patients – Free of Charge! It will support what you have probably been saying for years, but maybe in a slightly different way for those of us who hear or read a little differently; or simply just need to hear a different voice.

And, of course as a part of the complete solution, we talk about portion control and portion sizes. “Making it Easy to Eat Well”! It’s our theme!

Send us a comment of what you liked and what you didn’t like after you have read it. We will continue to provide other eBooks/White Papers based on your feedback!

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