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  • 9″ FOCUS Portion Control Plate (Set of 2)

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  • 100 Favorite Recipes Made Healthy – eBook

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  • 100 Must Have Veggie Recipes – e-Cookbook

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  • 10in Disposable Dinner Plate (Set of 25)

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  • 10oz Disposable Cups (Set of 25)

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  • 12 oz Cereal/Soup Bowl

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  • 16oz Disposable Bowls (Set of 25)

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  • 3 Section Lunch Plate With Lid

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  • 4-oz Scooper/Server (Set of 2)

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It's A Lifestyle Change

It’s not just changing crockery. It’s about changing the way we think about food.

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Scientific Proof

Acceptability and potential effectiveness of commercial portion control tools amongst people with obesity

Exposure to large portion sizes is a risk factor for obesity. Specifically designed tableware may modulate how much is...

Scientific Proof

What Is The Role of Portion Control in Weight Management?

Systematic studies have shown that providing individuals with larger portions of foods and beverages leads to substantial increases in...

Scientific Proof

For Real Weight Control, Try Portion Control – NY Times – By Jane E. Brody

If you’re serious about losing or maintaining weight, learn the size of a healthful portion and treat restaurant servings...

Scientific Proof

Exploring the Experiences of People with Obesity Using Portion Control Tools—A Qualitative Study

Large portion sizes increase consumption and eating smaller portions is recommended as a weight control strategy. However, many people...

Scientific Proof

Scientifically Proven Effectiveness

Studies show that Precise Portions® tools are effective in significantly improving your diet, by reducing the portion sizes for...


Lemon Yogurt Pound Cake

Heart-healthy olive oil and protein-rich Greek yogurt take the place of butter in this lemony pound cake. Egg whites...


7-Layer Dip Salad

Crafted from the meal version of the eminent 7-layer dip, this salad is crammed with delicious layers of crisp...


Paleo/Keto Bacon Mac & Cheese

Check out this Keto version of Mac and Cheese! This is one the whole family will love! Ingredients 1 head Cauliflower...

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