52 Spanish Show ‘N Tell Nutrition Flash Cards


  • See and learn, play and learn- these flash cards will teach your kids about good foods and healthy eating while they are having fun
  • Segmented by age groups: 2 – 3 years old 4 – 5 years old
  • Includes 2 FREE Bonus cards with nutrition games for even more food fun


Pack of 52 nutrition flash cards in Spanish. Reading, writing, and arithmetic: all fundamental to a good education, but being well informed about healthy eating habits is equally important to being well educated. Show ‘N Tell Nutrition Flash Cards in Spanish give teachers, health professionals, and parents just the tool they need to educate young minds on all the most critical parts of nutrition to help them become healthy eaters for a lifetime.

The eye catching illustrations and easy to understand wording help Spanish speaking children, as well as those seeking to learn Spanish, learn all about food groups, recommended portion sizes, required daily servings of different food groups, and more. Kids also learn about specific foods, their nutrients, and how they help build strong and healthy bodies. The 52 card set teaches children how various foods fit into their diet and why it’s important to have a balanced diet—all in fun, kid-friendly terms in Spanish that turns learning into play.

The Show ‘N Tell Flash Cards in Spanish are made for children aged two to five, and feature specific breakdowns of proper serving sizes for two and three year olds as well as four and five year olds. This breakdown means these flash cards can grow with children and be used with children of multiple ages. The 3.5 x 5.75 inch size makes them easy for kids and adults to hold and learn with—wherever they may be!

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